Class this semester was great and Iā€™m not sure if you are teaching another class but if you are I would want to know! I really enjoyed everything this semester and it was really fun
— a voice student
Thanks for your feedback and sharing your knowledge. I learned a lot in your class and on top of that, just really enjoyed it
— a music education student
Dr. Justice brings her breadth and depth of experience to make a pretty dry subject useful and enjoyable
— a composition student
Even though this class is in a 3-hour time slot, Dr. Justice keeps it interesting
— a performance student
Thank you for a fun and informative semester!
— a conducting student

Goals for the Course

This course aims to provide perspectives, methodologies, and experiences in music research and writing that will prove useful for graduate students in performance, composition, conducting, and music education as they pursue graduate coursework as well as subsequent performances, research, and writing during a professional career in music.


Learning Objectives

After taking this course, students will:

  • Be able to access and use the major sources for music research

  • Understand and utilize the basic techniques of music research

  • Develop critical reading, writing, and listening skills

  • Learn and use the Chicago style of research writing and citation

  • Develop skill in formal research writing, program notes, annotations, literature reviews, personal bios