This course description is drawn from the HOM/MHL 167 "Introduction to Music History" course that I designed for Syracuse University. The repertoire for this course draws primarily upon the past 1,000 years of the European and American concert music tradition. The course is designed to be an overview and serves as the first part of a four-semester music history sequence. It fulfills degree requirements in the Setnor School of Music, as well as in the College of Arts and Sciences.


Students will:

·         be introduced to critical thinking about primary and secondary music history sources.

·         gain practice using theoretical concepts in historically sensitive ways.

·         gain practice integrating aural skills with theoretical concepts.

·         learn about the ways in which music might fit into broader cultural movements.

·         gain familiarity with basic style periods of the European concert music tradition.



The textbook for this course will be Mark Evan Bonds, Listen to This 3rd ed. (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson, 2015), REVEL Edition. This is an e-book, in a handy computer/tablet format. It also comes with a unbound paper copy of text book. This means that students can read the text traditionally, go online to read and use interactive audio/visual features, or listen to the e-text read to them. I chose this package to appeal to students with different learning styles and familiarity with the materials.