The Preachers' Daughters

Featuring Deborah Justice and Rachel Sprinkle, and guests

** Traditional tunes from a variety of acoustic traditions, including American old-time, Irish, Scottish, Quebequois, French, and Swedish musics. **

** Hammered Dulcimers, Bowed Dulcimer, Whistle, Fiddle, Guitar, and more **

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Gypsophilia: Occidentally on Purpose

** We play funky music from Turkey, Greece Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, and the Middle East, plus Jewish tunes and originals, with a balance of freedom and refinement, spontaneity and precision, delicacy and raucousness. **

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GYPSOPHILIA and Voces Novae et Antiquae: when we remembered you

** A synthesis of Balkan and Middle Eastern folk musics, Sufi traditions, European chamber music, and Gregorian chant. Developed by Philadephia composer Scott Robinson and inspired by the  Mevlevi ("whirling") dervishes.  **

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