Northside String Band

Upcoming Gigs

2/26/19 Friends of Stewart Park Benefit at Kilpatrick’s Irish Pub with amazing old-time musicians, 5-7 pm

3/1/19 Wintersquabee at Stone Cat Cafe with Doolin O'Dey, 5-7 pm

3/15/19 The Scalehouse with Doolin O'Dey, 6-9 pm

3/16/19 Brunch at Barry Family Cellars with Doolin O'Dey, 10:30-12:30 pm

3/16/19 Fleur de Lis with Doolin O'Dey, 2-4 pm

3/17/19 Americana Vineyards with Doolin O'Dey, 4-6 pm

3/17/19 Monks on the Commons with Kellam Throgmorton, 7-9 pm

3/23/19 MapleFest at WellSpring Forest Farm with Northside String Band, 1:30-4 pm

5/18/19 Finger Lakes Celtic Festival with Doolin O'Dey, 9:30-11 am

6/1/19 Allegheny Celtic Fest with Doolin O'Dey

6/27/19 Rochester Contra Dance with Northside String Band, 7:30-10:30 pm

8/25/19 Binghamton Porchfest, Middle Eastern Music with Martin Shamanpoor, time TBD

9/7/19 Dundee Scottish Festival, 3:30-5 pm

9/14/19 Fleur De Lis Brew Works with Doolin O'Dey, 2-4 pm

9/22/19 Ithaca Porchfest, 102 Hancock St/ corner Dey, with Rustic Lace, 2-3 pm

9/22/19 Ithaca Porchfest, 102 Hancock St/ corner Dey, with Doolin O'Dey, 3-4 pm

9/22/19 Ithaca Porchfest, 202 Second St, with Northside Stringband, 4-5 pm

9/22/19 Ithaca Porchfest, 106 Second St, with Bird in Hand Stringband, 5-6 pm

10/4-5/19 Nutmeg Dulcimer Festival, New Milford, CT


Dulcimer lessons

I've been teaching hammered dulcimer for over 20 years. Whether you've got a graduate degree in some other instrument or can't read a lick of musical notation, I can help you get further with the instrument. I enjoy teaching beginners just as much as advanced folks, so don't be shy!

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Northside String Band

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Old Time string band music from Ithaca’s northside neighborhood.

Come Hear US!

2/22/19 Contra dance at Slow Lane, 5-7 pm

3/23/19 MapleFest at WellSpring Forest Farm, 10 am

6/27/19 Rochester Contra Dance, 7:30-10:30 pm

9/21/19 FLX Oktoberfest, 7:30-10 pm

9/22/19 Ithaca porchfest, 4-5 pm

Do you need toe-tapping tunes and lovely songs? We play Appalachian fiddle music and are happy to liven up your event!

Dances, parties, fund-raisers - we’ve got you!

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Deborah Justice and David Deacon are New York transplants from Southern Pennsylvania (NEar the small country town of Bird-in-Hand, PA).

We play music from a mix of acoustic traditions, focusing on American Old-Time, new england, and Irish music. We sing and use a range of instruments, from fiddle, banjos, and guitar to hammered dulcimer. 

Have an event -- party, dance, wedding, fund-raiser-- that needs music?


The Preachers' Daughters

Featuring Deborah Justice and Rachel Sprinkle, and guests

** Traditional tunes from a variety of acoustic traditions, including American old-time, Irish, Scottish, Quebequois, French, and Swedish musics. **

** Hammered Dulcimers, Bowed Dulcimer, Whistle, Fiddle, Guitar, and more **

                                                            Link to CD

Gypsophilia: Occidentally on Purpose

** We play funky music from Turkey, Greece Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, and the Middle East, plus Jewish tunes and originals, with a balance of freedom and refinement, spontaneity and precision, delicacy and raucousness. **

Link to CD

GYPSOPHILIA and Voces Novae et Antiquae: when we remembered you

** A synthesis of Balkan and Middle Eastern folk musics, Sufi traditions, European chamber music, and Gregorian chant. Developed by Philadephia composer Scott Robinson and inspired by the  Mevlevi ("whirling") dervishes.  **

Link to CD